♥ That awkward Barbie moment...

Barbie and The Secret Door OFFICIAL STILLS + Songs:

1. What’s Gonna Happen
2. If I Had Magic
3. You’re Here
4. I Want It All
5. I’ve Got Magic
6. We’ve Got Magic
7. What’s Gonna Happen (Reprise 1)
8. We’ve Got Magic (Reprise)
9. Return to the Castle
10. What’s Gonna Happen (Reprise 2)

saeryensaria asked: "If you still take gif requests, please do more Pearl Princess ones!"

I will do more, I promise! Any scenes in particular? ;)


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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… the beginning of Barbie and The Secret Door!


Anyone here needs Barbie movies reaction gifs?

(All were made by admin Ceci)

Princess Malucia.

Princess Alexa.

Barbie and The Secret Door - Official Trailer

Soooo… thoughts about this?

Barbie + being badass or sassy

Anonymous asked: "Did you miss me?"


Well, if only I knew who you are, I’d be able to answer…


Am I the only one that squealed seeing this scene?

Barbie: The Pearl Princess - Lumina’s hairstyles

The scenery in “Barbie: The Pearl Princess”.

Caption this.

Caption this.

More gifs from the “Secret Door” teaser trailer